It’s ‘3AM’ I must be sleepy …

Feb. 14 — Much love for our GenX Valentine’s birthdays …

Rob Thomas (1972) turns 49 today, and if I don’t finish this up quickly I’m going to have a whole different feeling about “3AM.” Incidentally, the German-born American lead singer for Matchbox Twenty does a piano version of that, which is one of the more beautiful songs I’ve heard. Written for his mother, who was going through cancer treatment at the time, he’s said he prefers people applying their own meaning to it. It was one of four times Thomas hit no. 1 on the US Adult chart with Matchbox, also with “Bent” and “If You’re Gone” (both 2000), and “Unwell” (2003). He went solo in 2003 and hit no. 1 with “Lonely No More” in 2005.

Drew Bledsoe (1972) turns 49 and had better be getting birthday cards and gifts from Tom Brady. If Bledsoe hadn’t nearly gotten killed in a sideline collision with the Jet’s Mo Lewis in 2001, the football world may never have heard of Mr. Brady. A four-time Pro Bowler, Bledsoe played in the NFL from 1993–2006, having resurrected the Patriots (’93–’01) before his injury gave Brady an opportunity the lanky lad would never relinquish. It may not have gone quite the way Bledsoe envisioned as he stood on the sideline while Brady guided the Pats to their first Super Bowl win, but at least he got a ring out of it.

Speaking of things not going as planned … Steve McNair (1973) should’ve turned 48 today. Drafted third overall by the Houston Oilers in 1995, he got to sit for two seasons behind veteran Chris Chandler before taking over in 1997. A three-time Pro Bowler, McNair was the NFL MVP in 2003 and almost singlehandedly willed the Tennessee Titans to within 1 yard of a potential game-tying touchdown against the Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV (2000). He was the toast of the town in Nashville and retired in 2006. But his personal life took a tragic turn when on July 4, 2009, he appears to have been shot and killed by a mistress who then took her own life, while he slept on a sofa in a downtown Nashville apartment. The nine-part “Fall of a Titan” podcast by SI Media in 2018 raised a number of questions about whether it was really a murder-suicide, or if it may have been a coverup of something more sinister.

Teller (1946) knows how to keep his mouth shut. Born Raymond Joseph Teller, he turns 75 today, having maintained virtual silence for much of his magical career. He started clamming up while performing magic at frat parties because he found it helped the audience focus on his act rather than tempt them to heckle him. He’s performed with Penn Jillette since 1981, hosting countless Vegas shows, and TV shows such as “Bullsh!t” (2003–10) and “Fool Us” (2015-).


Generation X is forgotten no more! Here’s tosome of the people and moments that shaped our youth in the ’90s, ’80s, and even some ’70s.

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Generation X is forgotten no more! Here’s tosome of the people and moments that shaped our youth in the ’90s, ’80s, and even some ’70s.